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The company was established in 1988 and had been responsible for providing software and systems consultancy services ever since. Our specialty is in the area software development, support and maintenance.

The three main areas of expertise are Development, Consultancy and Project Management

No job is too small, please do call us if you are a small operation with little or no in house IT support and you need some assistance or guidance.

There are various levels of service we can provide on either a full time basis or a part-time basis for a fixed period. Each level of service has a different charge rate and depends on the availability of an appropriate consultant which of course cannot be guaranteed.


Software development services can be provided either on-site or at our own offices. We provide a totally flexible service which can be tailored to meet your needs. This can include project management of our consultants(s) or can involve reporting to your own development manager/project manager/team leader as required

The software development skills available include but are not limited to the following: Java, C++, Visual Basic, SQL, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, XML on a variety of platforms (e.g. Windows, Unix, Sybase, Oracle) in a variety of environments (e.g. J2EE, .NET).


Bespoke consultancy services can be arranged to meet your specific requirements. For example, customisation of your Infinity system or migration from your Infinity system to your Murex system or perhaps a complete review of your existing systems. Of course we can also provide consultancy on a much smaller scale, our service is driven by your requirements. We can also help you determine what your IT requirements are to help meet your business needs. We would not recommend any IT projects that did not have an appropriate cost benefit analysis to demonstrate the value of the project.

Project Management

Project management services can be supplied either for our own consultants or for a project team of your own.  The service is flexible and can be part time or full time depending on your requirements.

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